The Santa Fe Flute School Rewards Programs

The Santa Fe Flute School loves our participants and we want to thank them for their support. We have two ways of rewarding our students: Those who return for additional workshops (Frequent Fluters™), and those who help spread the word about the school (Flute Friends)

Frequent Fluters

Frequent Fluters™ are participants who attend more than one workshop. Starting in January 2015 any student who returns to take additional workshops will receive $25 off each additional workshop.

Flute Friends

Flute Friends help us spread the word about our workshops. If a friend signs up for their first workshop at the Santa Fe Flute School and mentions your name you will both receive $25 off that workshop.

The more friends you refer the more you save. Refer four new students to us and you'll save $100 on your next workshop and they each receive a $25 discount. Not coming to a workshop that you've referred someone to? No problem. We'll credit your discount for your next workshop.

Are you a new participant? Refer another first time participant and you'll both qualify for the Flute Friends discount.

Any referred participant must complete a workshop for the Flute Friends discount to take effect. Discounts will be awarded at on the last day of the workshop. The referred participant must not have attended any prior Santa Fe Flute School workshop in order to be eligible. Only one person may qualify as the referring participant. A referred participant may not refer another participant.

Combine Rewards

Returning Santa Fe Flute School participants can combine both the Frequent Fluters™ and Flute Friends programs. Save $25 when you take another workshop and $25 for each qualifying Flute Friends referral you make.

It's our way of saying, "Thank You!"