The Santa Fe Flute School Rewards Programs

How to Enroll as a Frequent Fluter
If you have attended a Santa Fe Flute School workshop anytime after January 2015 you and would like to attend another workshop you qualify for a Frequent Flute discount of $25 off any workshop.

To enroll please make a regular deposit for the workshop of your choice. You will receive your discount when you pay the balance.

How to get your Flute Friends discount
After your friend signs up for their first Santa Fe Flute School workshop have them contact us letting us know that you referred them. Once they complete the workshop we will refund you each $25. Refunds will be done by check during the last day of the workshop.

For more details about the Santa Fe Flute School Reward Programs visit our
Rewards Page.

If you have any questions please
contact us. Select Santa Fe Flute School Rewards in the subject field.