Student Workshop Comments

Reviews and comments from students about Santa Fe Flute School workshops with Scott August.

Whispering Winds 2015
Intermediate NAF and Duets for NAF

"Being in the Santa Fe Flute School workshops has been the best experiences of my flute journey. The energy and time Scott August puts into creating the best workshops I've attended have inspired me to take music in directions I never imagined I could go. It was really great fun."
– Marcia, Texas

"Whispering Winds was well thought out, progressive and in my humble opinion - spot on! It was laser focused on getting participants to understand playing techniques, embellishments and being introduced to duet playing."
– Tom K., Colorado

"The Whispering Winds workshop was both enjoyable and educational at the same time. The well structured examples allowed the entire group to quickly grasp several different styles of playing duets and in larger groups during the workshop. This was all done in an extremely relaxed and non-threatening environment. Everyone, no matter their experience level, participated and seemed to fully enjoy themselves.  I would highly encourage Native American style flute players to take the time to attend this class.  It's hard to beat a top quality class in which you will ENJOY learning something new but which is also held in such a beautiful and historic city.  You will NOT be sorry.”
-Mark H., New Mexico

"Scott August is not just an outstanding NAF player, but a exceptionally talented musician and composer, plus he is a patient and inspiring teacher, and just a really good person who I am privileged to work with and associate with. The school simply deepened that opinion."
– Tom F., CO.

“We had lots of time to play and perform, and even had time for my favorite … the blues.  Scott did an amazing job pulling all our varied talents and personalities together into a cohesive group of flute players who we now consider our friends.” 
– Laura, WA.

"Learning to play duets was a huge help to my NAF playing. To be able to add structure to an improvised duet while "on the fly” and give it direction and flow was just wonderful..."
– Mark N., UT

Soaring Spirits 2014
Songwriting for the NAF

“This workshop was perfectly created to foster the growth I needed to take my flute playing to the next level!”
-Casey R,. WA

“Pure and simple, at the heart of the Santa Fe Flute School is Scott August. Scott’s passion for music and the Native American Flute is contagious and motivating! Scott promotes a positive and supportive non-threatening environment. Scott offers an in depth and focused understanding of the building blocks of song writing in a supportive and encouraging environment. Participants explore melodies and rhythm while creating their own song to record! This intimate atmosphere offers participants something that other Native American Schools can’t offer - the time to immerse themselves in the song writing process. Scott’s passion for music and his individualized one-on-one approach with students is at the heart of this experience.”
-Tom K., Colorado

“Scott is an awesome teacher for players at any skill level. One of the most important aspects of motivating and teaching others is to give positive feedback and critique without sounding critical. Scott has a gift for expressing both.”
-Marcia B., Texas

The Workshop was...”very structured, very professional! It flowed nicely. It met all of my expectations fully.”
-Mark N., Utah

“This class was excellent.  It was exactly what I wanted and needed.  It integrated and clarified the many “How to write a song” concept and idea fragments that were floating around in my head.”
-Dave S.

“All parts [of the Workshop] met my expectations.Good pace. Good teaching style. I learned a lot from Scott... Thank you...for making this a great experience both in and outside the class.”
-Bette A., Arizona

“Scott's teaching method paired up with his attention to detail while constantly asking for feedback from students. Without a doubt it allowed me to understand music and all its components.” [It helped me] to 'discover my possibilities...'”
-Alex V., Indiana

Earlier Workshops

"[The workshop] was WAY more than I hoped for. Exactly what we need to take our songs to the next level."
-Wesley D.

"Great class… [Scott] did a good job teaching. I can already see an improvement in my playing and in the way I practice." 
-Bob T.